The World’s Worst Parent Fail Photos – How Not To Bring Up Your Kids

Hey there! Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have total fucking retards for parents?
Well some of these kids will look back on their childhood photos and say WTF MUM!!!???
From mothers leaving their babies in the middle of a road to sexy selfies with the kids in the background, we have them all in one post.


Lazy fat arsed mum can’t be bothered to put her baby correctly in her carrier


Yep, that’s two kids in a cage back there!


Family day at the zoo.
“Hey son, you know what would be cool? If you get in that snake’s enclosure and lie down on the killer Anaconda!”



“Yeah this one is going on my sugar daddy profile”



 Mum is going to love this photo when she sees it!


Parents were retarded back in the 1930s


Guns don’t kill people, bad parents do, who let their kids play with guns.


This is terrible! The kid isn’t even looking where he’s going!


Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Gold plated polls are so 1990.


It’s ok mum, i’ve seen daddy do this plenty of times down the pub.


Tyler!!! Get the f**k in the pram you little sh*t!!


♫Rock a by baby in the swimming pool,♫ when the child rolls over, it will fucking drown you complete cunt!♫


Momma, why can’t you take me to school wearing normal clothes?


Bad dad. Let the boy have a go on GTA5!


Childhood ruined


Childhood ruined part 2



Nothing says sexy like a selfie in the toilets of McDonalds with your new born baby


HAHAHAHA!!! Douche.


♫ I wanna get high, so high, with my 4 year old daughter passive smoking my spliff ♫


I want to be just like you when I’m older, mom!



That kid must have got a thousand high fives from his dad after this photo.


“Mum I have school tomorrow. Can you put the camera down, put some clothes on and put me to bed please”?





I hope I don’t get that close


 It’s ok honey, we’re just playing a quick game of snap



A nice warm place for the baby to sleep.


This mother has a brain full of shit


HAHA!! That’s so qute
*speaks into hidden microphone in lapel*
“get social services round here quick”



“Your never too young for a tramp stamp” said Tracey, mother of 20 from South London




“I know you’re scared son and it’s probably really painful being stuck in the toilet, but hold on while I get my camera and take a photo of your dumbass! LOL”




Future alcoholic and crack whore – Thanks Dad




Who has he seen doing this before? Yes, his mother, like every weekend.



Nothing should stop parents from having a good time, even if it is a school night





Teaching your daughter drinking games so that she will fit in when she goes to college. Good work Dad!





“And bitches be like…”






A kid with a bong and his mother’s hot straightening irons



Children. Ideal tool to use to get your keys out of a drain.









A proud mother showing her son her best work



Manners don’t cost anything…






















And the award to the stupidest, most selfish father in the world goes to….this cunt!



Hope you enjoyed my epic guide to the worst parent fails.


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