The Weirdest, Funniest, Most Awesome Job Titles Ever

The Weirdest, Funniest, Most Awesome Job Titles Ever

When I was a kid,  I would dream of becoming an footballer or the person who would put the jam in donuts. Well if I saw some of these job titles i’d be like “Mum!, I want to be a Pornography Historian” or “A MILF commander”

All of these awesome job titles will have you pissing your pants, so put your adult nappies on and scroll down.


Alan didn’t just stop at being a writer. No. He wanted more! Much more!



This guy just goes on and on and on and on and on……

vp of infinite infinity weird-job-titles


If there’s something strange with your teenage brood, who ya gonna call?….

teen exorcist weird-job-titles


When you’ve qualified as a normal fisherman and you want to move up to the next level…



If you’re being sued by the aliens that live on the planet Flubzorbia in the galaxy Spomdromida, then this is the guy you need to fight for you in the Universal Court of Justice.



If you need help with knowing which colour smartie goes with what can of fizzy drink, then make sure you contact Eric.

smarties expert weird-job-titles


No one knows more about shredded cheese than old Dickie.

shredded cheese authrotiy weird-job-titles


This guy got thrown out of Science class for wearing a Viking helmet. He never got over it.




This guy solves table condiment problems all over the globe

ranch dressing expert


I think every man would be able to do his job pretty well!



Pork rind experts are few and far between. You could say that because this guy is so specialist…he brings home the bacon. (Did you see what I did there?)



This guy only does Penguins. Ask him about seals and he’s fucked!

penguinologist weird-job-titles


I think pretty much all of us have had this job title at one time in our lives.



The best job ever! But I’m pretty sure it means something else though


MILF commander weird-job-titles



I don’t know about you, but when I go to the cinema and buy a hotdog, I want that motherfucker to dance!

hot dog choreographer weird-job-titles



This dumb bitch needs to rephrase her billboard!




An honest boss

fucker in charge weird-job-titles


The unofficial job of most teenagers and married men




Cool kids hang out at the local rubbish tip

cool kid weird-job-titles


Funny wanker!

comedian and masturbator



Bread scientists earn loads of dough!

bread scientist weird-job-titles


The perfect job, just behind MILF commander

chocolate beer specialist weird-job-titles


The big door is an affectionate term for his fat wife’s big old pussy

charge of big door weird-job-titles


A job not as impressive as his facial hair



It’s not just Bride Kidnapping he’s an expert in, but also Mother of the Bride Molesting in which he has a Phd in.

bride kidnapping expert weird-job-titles



Pros of having a massive beard:
1. Respect from other Beardsmen
2. Local celebrity

Cons of having a massive beard:
1. Will never have sex with a woman under 16 stone.
2. Birds will live in there and have sex with other birds in your beard.



He couldn’t just be happy at Bears.



Job title from Arrested Development



He could never remember his job. It’s always on the tip of his tongue

a cunning linguist


She’s been working her way up the Dip Maker ladder for the past 20 years. She started off on 1 layer, now she’s a credit to her profession and her family by reaching the grandmaster level of 6 Layers. Well done!

6 layer dip maker

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