33 Unbelievable Sex Facts That Will Make You Cum – Not really!

You may consider yourself an expert when it comes to sex. Everything you’ve learnt has been handed down to you through the generations of great sexperts in your family. But there is always something new to learn about sex. Don’t go through life thinking you know it all, because you don’t!

We have it all here. All the sex facts you need to not only impress your friend, but also impress your partners with some amazing sex techniques and crazy ways to improve your sex life, your health and about ferrets. Read on my friend so find out everything you could possibly want to know about getting SEX!!!.

Enjoy, and don’t beat yourself off just yet.

Sex Fact No.1 – Ferrets


Did you know that if a female ferret doesn’t get some ferret cock for a year, she will die? It’s true! Tell your mates this down the local pub or bar. Great ice breaker as well when you’re on a first date!.
Just as well this is not the same for human females who can go for years and years before it heals up and they turn into a nun.

Sex Fact No.2 – Virginity


The majority of women lose their virginity between the ages of 15 and nineteen, despite the fact that 15 is under the age of consent in most countries! As well as this, most women actually regret this and wish they had waited that bit longer. The most disturbing sex fact is that if you haven’t lost your virginity by 24 then you’re most likely to never lose it!

Sex Fact No.3 – Affairs

Women are more likely and willing to have an affair when they’re about to ovulate, than any other time through their menstrual cycle. This is due to their bodies’ wanting the ovulated egg to be fertilized and not because they are just slutty. This is a great excuse for women to go out and start shagging when they want! Nice one!

Sex Fact No.4 – Sex Drive

Apparently sex drive is all to do with they way your brain is programmed. Scientists believe that some people are wired up to want / have more sex than others. This is both true for males and females.

Sex Fact No.5 – Noses are sexy

When you’re having sex, your inner nose swells up. Yes, just the same as your breast and private parts increase in size. This is due to the increased rate of blood flowing to those body parts. I always though noses were sexy!

Sex Fact No.6 – Size doesn’t matter bro!

Good news for us men! The size of man cock when fully erect is not important at all! The average length of a man’s penis is 5.5 inches, and even if it’s smaller, it doesn’t effect the ability to make a woman orgasm or father a child. But you might get laughed at in the showers after football.

Sex Fact No.7 – Threesomes


Did you know that 30% of the population in Australia have admitted to having been part of a threesome at least once in their lives. 25% of those threesomes involved a sheep of some description.


Sex Fact No.8 – Stud

There is enough sperm in one man’s ejactulation to impregnate every fertile woman on planet earth! Can you imagine the gene pool after that! We would all be doomed!


Sex Fact No.9 – Men work harder

During sex, men burn lots more calories than women do. This is probably due to the fact that women are mainly on their backs and men are doing all the thrusting! Women burn on average 69 calories per session, which is kind such an ironic number!


Sex Fact No.10 – Lower cholesterol

Want to better your performance in the sack? Well you need to lower your cholesterol!
It is known through various studies that lower cholesterol is directly related to a better performance in the bedroom.


Sex Fact No.11 – Grandma, NO!!!


The question that most of us wonder about on a daily basis is “Do old people have sex”? “Does Granny and Grand-Dad get jiggy”? The answer to this questions is HELLA YEAH!!!.
Apparently one third of women in their 80’s have sexual intercourse with their husbands, or life partner. *High Five the old boys down the bowling club*


Sex Fact No.12 – Oral Sex

Oral sex is not just a favourite with us humans. Dogs, wolves, bears and believe it or not, BATS!!! I often see bats 69ing in the trees and in caves! It’s sick man!!


Sex Fact No.13 – Pumpkins


For centuries its been known that chocolate is very sexy and can be an excellent arousal for having sex. Waft some melted Mars Bar under your wife’s/ girlfriend’s nose and she will be all over you like a rash! But chocolate is not the only smell to get you horney! Apparently the smell of pumpkin can help increase the blood flow to the penis to encourage an erection! God I love Halloween!


Sex Fact No.14 – Pour some sugar on me!

Low blood sugar is totally bad for your love life. Avoid having low blood sugar! *Google’s low blood sugar*
Apparently by having low blood sugars, this makes you irritable and less likely to want your partner. This can be a good thing if your other half is fat or ugly, or both.


Sex Fact No.15 – Faster than Bolt


The very first gob of a man’s ejaculation travels at approximately 28 miles per hour! That’s faster than Usain Bolt!! So really you can say that your spunk is the world record holder of the 100 meters!


Sex Fact No.16 – Heart beat

When you’re just about to orgasm, blow your load, cum etc etc, your heart rate can go to 140 beats per minute. This is not excessive, but just enters the common cardiovascular zone.


Sex Fact No.17 – Hard n Fast

Men under 40 can get erections real fast! 10 seconds! That’s all it can take and boom! they are ready for some serious action! For some it’s much longer than the impressive 10 seconds. If this is the case, then it can be an indication of erectile dysfunction. Get it checked out Bruv!


Sex Fact No.18 – Just checking my emails dear


This one it amazing! One in 5 people use their smart phones, ipads, laptops during sex. Can you believe that! During sex, they are on their phones looking at Facebook or checking their emails! Christ!


Sex Fact No.19 – Liars

7% of the population have sex once a day. 22% have sex 3-4 times a week. The rest of the population don’t want to talk about it because they are too tired to talk from all the sex they are having or from the masturbating on their own in their parent’s basement.


Sex Fact No.20 – Sexy voice

Women have the amazing skill of making their voice “sexier” in order to entice their men when they need sex.
Men, unfortunately, do not have this ability and simply have to rely on other factors like flashing the cash or buying them an expensive handbag.


Sex Fact No.21 – Nipplegasmic

60% of men who get sexually aroused have erect nipples. Apparently the nipple area on men is just as sensitive as they are in women. A bit embarrassing really in a wet t-shirt competition. Nipplegasmic!


Sex Fact No.22 – Gym sex


Studies have shown that the best time to have sex is after you’ve been to the gym. The blood flow to your genitals is much higher after you’ve had a workout. This makes your sexual performance and function go sky high off the charts. Testosterone levels also are at their highest after exercise, which makes you like a sex rocket waiting to be lit!


Sex Fact No.23 – Where the hell is it!!??

Did you know that the sensitivity of the clitoris is due to the 8,000 nerve fibers down there. This is a massive 100% more than what is contained in the man’s penis. Sop this is the area that most helps a woman reach orgasm, and one where men haven’t got a clue where it is!


Sex Fact No.24 – Fantasy

Nearly two thirds of all men and women have fantasized about another person while having sexual intercourse with their current partner. Typically, the one being fantasized about is not someone they will be able to have intercourse with, but it may increase theirs or their partners satisfaction.


Sex Fact No.25 – Depressed? Then this will help!


Feeling a bit depressed? Then you need to have sex or masturbate. Masturbation is well known to help cure or relieve depression. The reason being is that the release of emotions and hormones when orgasm is reached, helps to put your mind at ease. The chemicals released in your brain makes you feel awesome and better with the world. Only problem is that if your depressed about not having enough sex, this can end up a vicious circle or crying, masturbating and then being happy for an hour.


Sex Fact No.26 – Fingers

To see how manly a man is, you need to check out the size of his ring finger! Yes that’s right! Apparently to know how much testosterone a man has, compare the length of his ring finger to his index finger. The longer the ring finger is in comparison to the index finger, the more testosterone in his body.


Sex Fact No.27 – Tight!!!

When the woman is about to orgasm, the vagina decreases in size by as much as 30%. It tightens up to help increase the sensitivity felt by the woman and the man as she climaxes into the orgasm. Nice!


Sex Fact No.28 – What’s keeping you? Hurry up!

Women are very good at making themselves climax. On average it takes only four minutes to cum through masturbation. Here’s the bad news lads! It can take upwards of 10-20 minutes to reach climax during intercourse, by which most men have already finished.


Sex Fact No.29 – There’s no stopping you!

When you’re aroused and ready for sex, you are less likely to be put off by anything, like seeing a dog throw up or a pig giving birth. These things will not put you off having sex. Phew!


Sex Fact No.30 – Low calorie diet

Semen is very low in calories. There is just thirty-six calories in a teaspoon of spunk. Ideal if you are trying to cut out milk from your diet.


Sex Fact No.31 – I’ve got a headache dear.

Women. Do you get migraines? Well here’s a sex fact you’ll love! Women who are prone to migraines are also more likely to have more sex, this is because orgasms can help alleviate the pain of a migraine.


Sex Fact No.32 – Breasts are great

1% of all women can orgasm through only stimulating their breasts. This is not the case with men, unless they rub their penis on some breasts.


Sex Fact No.33 – There’s no going back.

You can stop a sneeze. Just like you can’t voluntarily stop an orgasm. Once they have started because they are physiological responses to an event. So their is no going back!

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