The Best Video Gaming Room Ever

Behold the best video gaming room you have ever seen. If you were born in the 70s or 80s, you will love this as all of the old school gaming consoles are here in this room.

This guy obviously is a hardcore gamer and one with a lot of money to be able to dedicate a massive room to his passion of gaming.

Beautifully made game shelves, that are not only filled to the brim of every GameBoy game ever made, but they are all perfectly in alphabetic order!


Check out the 4 GameCubes in the corner! Like one isn’t enough.


SEGA Game Gear fans are catered for!


Nintendo & Super Nintendo games in there hundreds!

All those consoles connected up to an old school Toshiba 38 inch TV – Genius!

I think I’ve just gone to Super Nintendo heaven!

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