50 Of The Most Stupid People On Earth

Be prepared to feel like an absolute genius compared to these poor idiots!


1. Hashtags were not invented by Twitter



2. That’s nice! A Gymnast team outside Anne Frank’s house. Respect.


3. This guy didn’t listen much in school


4. Oh God someone shoot this guy!



5. No way! It sunk!?? 102 years ago!! Why didn’t anyone tell me!?



6. Yeah so my Sister ages slower as she grows up.



7. Lion tastes like pork



8. This girl knows her grammar like she knows the meaning of life



9. That’s continents darling, not countries you complete arsehole!



10. African kidnappers in Niagara Falls



11. Stupid boss asks the impossible



12. How to end your life at a Gymnasium

stupid people-weight-lifter


13. WTF DAD!!! How do you even begin to try and get in there!

stupid people-stuck-in-a-playground


14. You’re kidding me! PS3 controllers only work on PS3s!!??

stupid people -xbox is not a ps3


15. Why are these people even born?

stupid people -what does idk mean


16. Nice photoshop work dude! Oh you missed that bit..like the most important bit you should have airbrushed!

stupid people -weight lifter


17. Mummy needs to go back to school

stupid people -there


18. Her friends are really good at mind reading

stupid people -tex


19. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. It may have just turned over by accident!

stupid people -suitcase


20. This guys favourite song is “Your esophagus is connected to your…Liver, your liver is connected to your asshole”

stupid people -stop smoking it bad for the liver


21. Names can be hard to spell

stupid people -spelling


22. So true Kim. So true!

stupid people -so-true-kim


23. A responsible parent protecting its child from the sun, while potentially causing suffocation. Prick!

stupid people -parent-protecting-kid-from0sunburn


24. Don’t leave your cash on the table for everyone to see on Twitter you dumb ass!!!

stupid people -one-time-use-code


25. Yeah…try again my friend

stupid people -not how to use an umbrella


26. Oh I see where you got confused. Have an atlas my friend.

stupid people -nfl


27. It’s your baby!!
Hold on I’m nearly done on this level of Candy Crush

stupid people -new baby mum not interested


28. You’re a bit mixed up. There is a word for this. Try again.

stupid people -morning sunset


29. Arrest this guy for being retarded

stupid people -milk


30. Does this guy not have any family or friends that would tell him beforehand that this is a bad idea?

stupid people -miley-cirus-tattoo


31. Bless her. At least she tried. Now dump her!

stupid people -lunch with a cheese slice in wrapper


32. Landed on the moon with his racing bike. They must have been some powerful steroids!

stupid people -lance-armstrong


33. I think there’s another greater mistake than that!

stupid people -just stupid


34. No it’s fucking not you imbecile!

stupid people -is african a religion


35. An iPad and an iPhone are completely different devices. Just thought I’d let you know.

stupid people -ipad is not a phone


36. The same distance from you and a job

stupid people -how far is miami to floris


37. Oh please! People!!!!??? WTF!!!!

stupid people -gullible


38. If it takes you 1 whole minute to realise what you just said then you’re a retard.

stupid people -framed pic of ceiling fan


39. It could be a braille phone

stupid people fake-blind-man


40. Only a Blackberry user would say this…

stupid people -elevator


41. This girl must live on a different planet that has 31 hours in a day. I think the planet is called “Fucktard”

stupid people -dont-understand-day-and-night


42. You’re fit, but you should really go back to school

stupid people -dont know what a quarter is


43. Nearly right. They are both German cars I suppose.

stupid people -crusing in the benz


44. A village is missing it’s idiot, somewhere in ENGLAND.

stupid people -bye-england


45. OMG! An emergency! Let me just ask Facebook

stupid people -bleach


46. Daft cow!

stupid people -at a car wash


47. You don’t know how wrong you are do you!

stupid people -911 comment


48. That’s why we hate Americans

stupid people -51st state of america


49. If these people had dynamite for brains, they wouldn’t have enough to blow there hat off their heads.

stupid people -17-people-who-dont-know-what-a-country-is


50. Cadillacs always let you down.

stupid people - michael jackson

So there you have it. 50 examples of the most stupid people in the world. Hope that wasn’t too painful for you.

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