Wish for a White Christmas this year to create Snow Art like this guy!

You may just think that this guy is just some sort of oddball who walks around in the snow for hours on end. But Simon Beck is an artist and is well-known Worldwide for making amazingly detailed art in the snow, by just walking over a fresh snowfall. The designs look a lot like crop circles. These incredible large scale snow artworks means that he has to walk miles in the snow to create these pieces.

The most incredible part of this process is that he can spend 9 hours upon hours creating one design, just to have it ruined by more snowfall or blown away by the next day. But he still love creating them and probably won’t ever stop!

Simon Beck uses special shows to walk over fresh snow, in order to create these massive snow art works


It is known for Simon to walk up to 4 miles for just one snow art piece

It’s a very tiring activity, but well worth the effort in the end

An incredible finished snow art piece. Well worth the mileage I think!

The sad thing about these snow art works is that they are more likely gone the very next day due to wind and more snow

Not only does he have to walk miles to create these massive artworks, but to get to these locations takes real endurance! This one is situated in the Savoie Valley in France, overlooking Mont Blanc.

This one is at the Les Arcs ski resort.

Highly detailed snowflake. How the hell does he do this from ground level!

This particular snow art reminds me of a crop circle

My personal favourite

The man himself. In a vest with temperatures of -20!


Let’s hope it snows this Christmas so we can all get out there and create our own smaller scale versions!

If you want to see more from Simon, check out his Facebook page, where you can see more of his artwork in both snow and sand!

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