These Scary Birds Would Quite Happily Kill You If They Could

These Scary Birds Would Quite Happily Kill You If They Could

This collection of killer birds will keep you awake at night and make you look up to the sky in paranoia at the possibility that Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Birds” could be not that far from the truth.

Check out these horrendously scary birds in action, and try not to get any Marabou Stork nightmares! 😉


1. African Crowned Eagle

scary birds - African Crowned Eagle

This feathered beast lives in East Africa and is one serious bad bad bird! This evil bird thinks nothing about taking on a large monkey and coming out on top! It has been know that the African Crowned Eagle has attacked and killed a few child. But to top it off they’ve also been found to kill antelope!

Poor Antelope, they have enough with lions and now they got to worry about threats from the sky!!!


2. Marabou Stork.


These birds, if you can call them birds, are proper scary! They look bad ass and are bad ass! They can be up to 5 feet tall, with a wingspan of over 10 feet! Not the type of bird you’d see in the park and feed it bread! These birds want blood and flesh.


Known as “The Undertaker of the bird world” this stork often kills children and people who get a bit too close. They are absolutely terrifying in appearance.


3. Vulturine Guinea Fowl.


Man these birds are aggressive! With their sharp beaks and bright red, staring eyes add to the awful appearance, they hunt in groups and ground stalker their pray. They are closely related to the friendly chicken but are nothing like them in temperament. They will capture and kill small mammals at a whim and let’s not hold back here, they are horrifyingly creepy vultures!


Beautiful in appearance, Vulturines have dark plumage from which emerges a not so neautiful snakelike neck. They are nearly featherless on their heads. To resolve territorial disputes, the males of this primitive bird species lash out with sharp spurs and slash opponents with their sharp bills. Nice!


4. Anhinga.


Snake Birds. Pretty cool nickname! These black birds can be seen rising up from lakes, swamps and rivers where only their sliver of a beak is exposed. They feed on large fish and sneak up on their prey from underwater. They make the weirdest of growling noises and to make them even more creepy they can sink silently into view before disappearing underwater. Stealth!

Their plumage isn’t fully waterproof as this aides their diving in the water. They often emerge from swamps and lakes to dry off. It’s quite a sight! They have mysterious habits which inspires much superstition and folklore.

5. Greater Honeyguide.


This is sick and gruesome. These chicks have razor sharp beaks than only get blunt when they get older. Why is this? Well they use it to fight their siblings to the death. Only one can survive. This chick is hatched along with several brothers and sisters. This chick will eat its siblings until only one survives. Nasty!

Here’s an image of one that survived childhood.


6. Hood Mockingbird.


The Hood Mockingbird is one of the cruelest birds on this list of scary birds!
It lives in Galapagos Islands where there isn’t much food around. But these evil, yet clever birds have mastered the art of finding food when their is a distinct lack of it. They have learned to drink the blood of young seabirds and incredibly they do this while they sit in their nests! Here’s the truly evil thing… they often leave the “victim” alive, to one day feast on more blood. Sick little bastards!

The Hood Mockingbird is a member of the Thrasher family of birds. They have super sharp beaks which is well suited to the method they they use on their prey.


7. Antarctic Giant Petrel.

Petrels are highly opportunistic feeders

A big old bird of 18 pounds and a wingspan of over 7 feet!! It’s main target is penguins. Yes that’s right. It will stalk these cute creatures and take them down! Petrels are highly opportunistic feeders who will feed at both land and sea. They have the appearance of a gigantic seagull or demonized albatross. Really scary!

8. Vampire Finch.


You wouldn’t ever think a cute little bird would like the taste of blood. Well this little sod does! This blood drinking bird is extremely difficult to shake off and will quickly come back for more once it gets a taste. This is mainly to do with it’s high metabolism rate.

This bird lives on the Galápagos Islands where food is a bit thin on the ground. Like the Hood Mockingbird, it resorts to drinking blood to get the nutrients it needs. It is a very distinct subspecies of the sharp-beaked ground finch endemic to Wolf and Darwin Islands.


9. Great White Pelican.


These birds eat huge fish and even animals. And they do so with one big gulp! As you can see from the video below, they will eat anything. This one was recently filmed at St James park London, capturing a live pigeon in its massive jaws, and swallowing the poor bird. Oh by the way, it was alive. Holy shit!


10. Greater Adjutant.


The Greater Adjutant not only has a horrible name but they are actually horrible. They live and scavenge on the dumps in India. Standing over 5 foot tall, they work side by side humans who are unfortunate enough to be looking for objects of value and food.

The bird especially likes human shit as well as dog poop to eat. Lovely creatures!
It has been known for the bird to follows funerals and has feed on human bodies during the disposal process.
When they can’t get what they need from the dump, they become a predator to ducks and other waterbirds. They grab them with their massive hollow bill and eat them whole.


11. Great Gray Shrike.


This bird is clever and evil at the same time. Its a master of impersonation. The bird teaches itself the songs of other types of birds. Once The Great Gray Shrike mastered the tune of a particular species of bird, it will sing and lure then in. Once they are within sight it will kill them. Cool blooded killer!

The scary thing is that they do this just for fun. For the sport of it!


12. Golden Eagle.


The Golden Eagle is a majestic bird in flight and a true beauty of the bird world. We know it feeds on small animals and other birds, but the way they do it can be quite horrific.

A tactic they use is to capture a small animal, sore up high into the sky and drop the poor creature from hundreds of feet up in the air to their death. It seems a very cowardly and shitty way to hunt. They do this sometimes to larger animals. The video below shows a poor goat getting picked up by the bird and dropped.

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