Paige The WWE Diva Wrestler – Everything You Need to Know!

Paige is a hot 27 year old professional WWE Diva Wrestler. She’s from Norwich, UK, and recently captured the Divas Championship, beating AJ Lee on an edition of RAW, just after WrestleMania 30.

Paige was born as Saraya-Jade Bevis on August 17, 1992 and comes from a professional wrestling family. Her mum and dad are both professional wrestlers named Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya are professional wrestlers.


Paige's wrestling family

Paige with her wrestling family. Mum, Dad and Two Brothers.


ricky-knight-paige-wwe father


Not only that, her older brothers are pro wrestlers too!, Roy and Zak. The family owns and rund the World Association of Wrestling (WAW), and it was them who helped her get where she is today in the WWE.

Here’s what she said about her family…

“All my family: my mum, my dad, my brothers Roy and Zak, my sister, and my uncle Jason Cross These are the people that taught me from scratch, so I’d really like to thank them. They worked so hard on making me who I am,” said Paige. “My family were all so supportive when I first came over to America – I’d never been that far away from home. The first time I move out, and I move to the other side of the world! My dad and my mum would talk to me every day and make me feel better and a little less homesick, so I’d just like to thank them because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Paige has become a real favourite among WWE wrestling fans with her aggressive yet sexy style of wrestling. She made her first appearance in the WWE on the April 7, 2014 edition of Raw, the night after WrestleMania XXX.
Paige was the current NXT Women’s Champion when she entered the arena to only congratulate the the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Divas Division” AJ Lee. But as she entered the ring, it was clear to see that AJ Lee was not very happy with this interruption and made the 21 year old Paige into an impromptu match. As the match went on, it got worse for AJ Lee as Paige turned AJ’s Black Widow into her signature “Paige-Turner” to secure the three count and take the title from AJ Lee.

After the match Paige said “I keep saying I’m going to be a history-maker. I was the first person to win the NXT Women’s Championship, I’m now the youngest ever WWE Divas Champion, and I’m the first joint ever joint champion, so whatever happens, I am making history,” Paige remarked to Fighting Spirit. “This is what I wanted, and I can’t even put into words how I feel. Being on WWE TV is an incredible honour, and a dream come true.”

Paige held both the WWE Divas Championship and the NXT Women’s Championship until April 24, 2014, when NXT General Manager JBL stripped her of the developmental strap. Paige had her first successful title of the Divas title on April 28, 2014 when her impromptu bout against Brie Bella was ruled a No Contest due to interference from Kane. She achieved her first successful title defense on pay-per-view on May 4, 2014 at Extreme Rules by forcing the imposing Tamina Snuka to tap, out her trademark modified Scorpion Crosslock submission. Paige’s undefeated streak came to an end on May 19, 2014 as she suffered a pinfall loss in her home country to Alicia Fox. The match result, couple with Fox’s odd ringside antics set the stage for a title match on June 1, 2014 at WWE Payback. The Foxy Floridian, however, would come up short in the encounter as Paige forced her to submit to the Scorpion Crosslock. After that, what’s next for Paige?

“I want to try and have the longest reign of any Divas Champion, and I want to be on the next WrestleMania,” said Paige. “I’m hungry, and I always want to try and get more and do more and, work hard to get it.”

But who would Paige like to work with? She has some history with Summer Rae…

“We do, but I don’t only have history with Summer, but with Emma, too. She is absolutely incredible. Those two are probably my favorite opponents, along with Natalya,” Paige said. “I’m looking forward to what the future holds when it comes to my opponents: I think Emma is the number one girl I want to shape up against, because we did it for the NXT Women’s Championship. Now we can do it for the Divas Championship.”

Paige’s wrestling style is very unique and unlike many of her WWE Divas rivals. It’s a very offensive style which enables her to always be in attack mode, which certainly keeps her opponents on the back foot for much of the fight. She has a tool box full to the brim of suplexes, sidekicks, drop-kicks, submissions, locks and rolling cradles, which she can use at will and has a knack of rocking opponents with this comprehensive group of attacking moves. Being from The UK, she is also well-versed in the UK wrestling style of “catch-as-can” and is fluent in using the ropes, turnbuckler and apron as her own personal weapons. A versatile wrestler, Paige is also a master at the so called “roughneck tactics” which she perfected from her mother Saraya Knight.

Paige completed two victories over her WWE Divas rival, AJ Lee in two separate WWE live events in 2013, where she won the world title and defended it. Previous to this, Paige competed in SHIMMER, where she was forced to compete against her mother. She beat her in a No Disqualification Match in 2011 and went on to hold various recognised titles in the United Kingdom. She then went on to relocate to the United States in 2011 to join WWE’s developmental program.


Has WWE Diva Paige Ever Posed Naked?

When female wrestling stars grow in popularity around the world, there seems to be a large demand for them to do nude photo shoots for various adult magazines and “Lads Mags” in the UK. Wrestling fans, mainly male ones, although I’m sure a few female fans would be interested as well, search online for nude photos of Paige and other female wrestling stars. There search will end in disappointment unfortunately as Paige has never appeared naked in any photos, pics and videos, ever! You will find some images that have been faked by perverted individuals, but these are wrong and shouldn’t be shared.

She did, however, appear in a near state of undress during a backstage segment on the February 16, 2015 episode of Raw, but that hardly counts as a nude video or nude photo shoot.

Sorry wrestling fans. Maybe one day when she needs the money, but lets hope she doesn’t need to.


Paige’s Tattoos – Ink Artworks on The WWE Diva’s Body

Paige wwe tattoo

Paige is a bit of a rebel. And why not! She’s only 22! She wants to make her mark on the world and be an individual. She wanted to get a tattoo and expressed this to her friends, family and WWE bosses, but this ruffled a few feathers shall we say.

The British wrestling star was determined to get inked up to honour her mother, despite WWE bosses saying NO, as it doesn’t fit in with her brand.

Ricky Knight, Paige’s father said that he didn’t want her to get a tattoo and said that she’d look like a “Millwall Docker”.

But Paige wasn’t put off by this and went ahead and got a tattoo, even though it could affect her career.
Paige went on down to the local tattoo parlour anyway. An elaborate sketch of the tattoo was put onto her chest, ready for the inking to commence. Paige was just seconds away from getting a tattoo that spanned much of her chest area.

Fellow Divas Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Natalya turned up at the tattoo shop to inspect the tattoo that Paige was about to have done. Natalya tried to talk Paige out of getting the tattoo, even though Natalya really liked the design Paige was getting. She urged Paige to seriously consider the effects this would have on her wrestling career. Paige, being Paige, decided to go ahead with it. Later in the episode she met up with her friends and told her fellow WWE divas that she didn’t get the tattoo after all.

Although she did get two small tattoos on her thumbs which is nothing in comparison to what she wanted done on her chest!


Paige's Tattoo on her chest


Hot Pics Of Paige From WWE













































Paige Wears A Bikini Well! – 5 Awesome Bikini Pics of WWE Diva, Paige

It’s not just wrestling costumes that Paige looks good in. She also looks pretty damn hot in a bikini as well! DAMN!!!






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