When A Company Logo Goes Horrifically Wrong

In today’s modern business world, your brand is what helps to sell your product, to get you more business and to help install trust in the minds of potential clients and customers. That’s why a logo for your company is extremely important as it helps people associate you with your service or product. The following companies listed in this post, have failed at this in the worst possible way, and have essentially made their business a laughing stock.

There’s one thing to be remembered for having a business with a great product and then there’s the other having a massive cock as your logo.


1. Why did nobody see the child’s head near the adult’s groin and think “That doesn’t look right”




2. A-Style Logo. Amazing what two round circles can do to the letter A.


3. This logo was commissioned for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission, and yes, it does look really bad!

 4. Not the kind of dentist I’d want my wife to go to for canal treatment!


5. A gem of a logo from John Adamich!



6. Now I know what they use for dressing on their salads!



7. I’m converting to Islam!



8. For people who love their dogs in a different way




9. Wrong, wrong, wrong!



10.  It’s those two circles again, causing havoc!



11. A Swedish property management company, that has no idea how immature us English speakers are.


12. That’s one way to warm a bench. Do a shit on it!


13. Momma either has fire in her stomach or an STD



14. The font will be fine he said. Trust me he said.


15. A horny satellite dish


15. Turn the logo on it’s side and you have a little man jacking himself off! Cool!


15. We cover the Earth in blood red paint?



16. This is meant to be a Japanese tea house with a setting sun behind it. In reality it looks like a cock entering an ass hole.



17. We will fix your computer and draw you a great penis.


18. Vermont is a state full of retarded graphic designers


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