A Quick Guide On How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube

Here are some symbols I’ll be using.

So one move with the specified horizontal layer in the direction it says.

Do one move with the specified vertical layer in the direction it says.

Move the front layer once clockwise or anti-clockwise.

This will indicate which center piece will be facing you when doing the moves indicated by the arrows above.

This is what you should start with. If you can’t solve the first layer on your own, you’ll have a very hard time memorizing the rest.


Align the center on the second layer so that it makes a short T, like in the picture.
I always solve yellow first, because white is on the opposite side of yellow I do this because white is an easy color to have on the last layer because it’s easy to see.


Now place the bottom edge piece so that the front face has a long T, with a color other than white in the bottom edge piece.


What you are going to do now is move the bottom edge piece up to the right edge or left edge, depending on where it will match the other color, blue in this case.

Now you’ll have solved the second layer with 4 or less combinations. Flip the cube around so you have the last layer up.


What we’ll do now is to place the corner pieces in their correct place. Look for two corner pieces with the same no white (or whatever color you have opposite of what you started with ) colors, and place them so that they are not on the same face as that color.


If the other colors on the corner pieces match up with the other faces, that’s good. If they need to be swapped, use this combination.



Now you need to rotate the corner pieces so that they match up.



You do this by holding one piece and rotating the 3 other corner pieces. What you are trying to get is one corner piece white facing up, because then you’re only one combinatino from all having correct rotation.


Remember that is you have more or less than 1 corner piece that is white on top, you won’t rotate them all correctly with the above combinations. Use one of them to rotate the corner pieces so you get only one. Use combination 1 if the only correct corner piece is on the left side of the face you’re holding towards you, and combination 2 if the correct piece is on the right side. This will take some time to get used to to see immediately which corner you need to hold and which combination to use to get it solved as quickly as possible.


Next step is positioning the last layer edge pieces.


Like the step before you need one piece in the correct position, and in one combination you’ll get the other 3 right. If you have none, use any of the combinations to get the one correct. What these combinations do is to hold the edge piece towards you, and move the other 3 clockwise or anti-clockwise. Anti-clockwise is drawn on the picture and is combination 1, combination 2 is clockwise.


What you have left now is only rotating the edge pieces to solve the cube.


If you have this pattern left, do this combination to flip the front and back edge pieces.


If what you have left is this pattern….


you need to make it into the pattern above before continuing. The way I do this is to first do…
and then a…
on the back layer.

That way I get the orange piece in the place of the blue piece in the picture above, and I can just use the combination above to rotate them. When that is done I just reverse what I did to get it there to solve the cube.

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