The Japanese Love Dressing Their Cats In Bandanas! – It’s Official

This is incredible, but true! A Japanese company thought that there was a need to make Banadanas for cats. Yes that’s right, cats!


But that’s not all.

They went one step further and created a vending machine to sell Cat Bandanas!!

Ok, so Japan is known for their love of vending machines, but I think this is a bit too niche. don’t you think?

The cat bandana range, is surprisingly called “Cute, Cute Cat Thief”. It’s made by the good people at Kitan Club, who are also the proud makers of Koppu no Fuchiko-san (Cup Fuchiko-san), the little office lady figurine who perches on the side of your drink glass.

The range is small at the moment with just five different bandanas to choose from, available for 300 yen ($2.50) each. BARGAIN!!!


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