3D Tattoos – 64 Realistic and Highly Creative Tattoos That Push The Boundaries

Tattoos have come on since your Dad or Grand father’s day when a badly inked heart or “mum & dad” type tattoo was seen as cool and good looking.  But now the tattoos of today are like art. Tattoo mastery and skills have advanced so much that tattoo artists can produce artwork on the body that is photo-realistic quality. They can produce complex optical illusions on any part of their clients’ body. They are often convincing and sometimes even better than real life!

Tattoos are insanely popular. It seems like everyone has one. Its a part of fashion, and like fashion it has trends that come in every year. 3D tattoos has been popular for quite sometime where people want realism over the traditional style of tattooing. It’s an incredible tattoo trend that is progressing fast with its creativity. Boundaries are being pushed as you can see from the images below.

The 3d tattoos in this blog post showcase the genius of some of the best tattoo artists in the world and their ingenious tattoos that will leave most people who see them opened mouthed and wishing they had similar artwork tattooed on to their own skin.

1. Robotic Soul. Highly detailed tattoo that looks 100% real. One of the most incredible 3D tattoos that I have ever seen. Thought I’d show this one first, as its just so perfect.


2. Red Ankle Bows. I love this. Really cute and very well executed tattoo.


3. Alien trying to escape. A subtle and very beautiful tattoo that is almost real life looking.


4. Line pattern. This is an incredible tattoo and really shows the talents of the artist who did this. Sometimes it’s tattoos like this that are the hardest to do well.


5. Ancient script under the skin.


6. Incredible ink work on a very sensitive area.


7. Birds with blue sky. This 3D tattoo is amazing on so many levels. The subtle shadow work is genius.


8. Brick Wall Head.


9. Broken Strings on the arm.


10. Celtic 3D Tattoo design


11. Chain mail. So much work has gone into this tattoo. It’s stunning.


12. Jesus!!!

13. 3D Tattoo of a clock.


14. The clockwork of the body


15. Stunning 3D cobra coming out of this dude’s arm! WOW!


16. Compass


17. Incredible mind bending pattern on the arm


18. Now this must of hurt!


19. Beautiful skull 3d tattoo with amazing shading.



20. A tattoo that celebrates disability. A man who was born without an arm, shows off this disability with a stunning dolphin tattoo.


21. 3D Diamond Tattoo


22. Realistic crying eye


23. Scary 3d eye under the chin


24. Monster footprint 3d tattoo


25. Wow my head hurts!


26. Same as above.


27. 3D butterfly


28. Pretty lady bird tattoo on the top side of the foot


29. Jig saw with fish skin being revealed.


30. Such a cool tattoo. Fender strat under the skin


31. Big green eye


32. X marks the spot. Love this. It’s even blurred within the glass! Genius!


33. Probably the most perfect tattoo I’ve seen.


34. Face of a woman on a full arm


35. Amazing texture achieved on the eye. Beautiful, yet a bit scary.


36. Muscle


37. Nails with blood. Nice!


38. This guy just loves pens so much that he…


39. Stunning portrait. So life like.


40. Robotic arm


41. Scary doll like face as a 3d tattoo


42. Life like spider crawling up the leg! Ewwe!


43. Really clever line tattoo that reveals a skull shape


44. Amazing line work.


45. Star shape with text under the skin


46. Aztec stone carving as a tattoo. Mental!!!


47. Cheaper than buying a life time of converse I suppose.


48. It’s Spiderman!!! Torn chest tattoo revealing spiderman suit


49. Skull face on hand


50. Freedom bird as a paper sculpture


51. Evil and angry black scorpion


52. Robotic foot being revealed


53. Incredible tree with red leafs falling.


54. Wow! A tree!


55. Zipped up monster on the arm


56. Another zip, but this time it reveals muscle


57. Highly detailed bee


58. To do list tattoo


59. Wood carving on the leg, 3d tattoo.


60. Suspension on the leg


61. 3d map and compass tattoo


62. Nice 3d tattoo of a strawberry! But why???


63. Beautiful 3d tattoo on back with flowers and monotone spine like structure.


64. Cityscape full back tattoo of a man trying to jump buildings


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